On-site Machinery Vibration Survey

Vibration is a form of wasted energy and is caused by mechanical problems in a machine. A very simple statement yet devastating if not understood.

By accurately measuring the wasted energy coming from a machine in the form of vibration, Vibra-Tech consultants are actually measuring the severity of the mechanical problems in that machine. For example, if a car vibrates more today than it did yesterday it is developing a mechanical problem. If this problem is not diagnosed and corrected, it will lead to a break down resulting in higher maintenance and repair costs. Likewise, when a pump, motor, fan, or other mechanical equipment vibrates more today than yesterday, it too is developing a problem. Like a car, the cost of maintaining and repairing this piece of mechanical equipment will increase. The downtime and loss of production will also reduce profits. By measuring the vibration, Vibra-Tech consultants are measuring the MECHANICAL HEALTH of a piece of equipment.

Vibra-Tech offers a program to measure and trend vibration of mechanical equipment at the plant site. This program includes the setup, monitoring of the mechanical equipment and a report to the client. The cost of this service is based on a price per measurement point and the type of reports requested. The actual cost per point will be based on the pieces of mechanical equipment, and the reports requested by the client. Vibra-Tech will offer this service on a bid basis and will customize a program to fit the needs of your plant and its maintenance programs.

For additional information regarding vibration technology and other services offered by Vibra-Tech Inc., please call (409)239-1637 or home 409-233-3412; and ask for Dexter Widner or Stephen Richers.

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