Vibra-Tech, Inc. Consultants

Dexter Widner Stephen B. Richers

Over fifty years of combined experience with Mechanical and Rotating equipment diagnostics and vibration problem solving techniques. Extensive backgrounds in Vibration Analysis, Balancing and Alignment of all type of rotating and reciprocating equipment including but not limited to:

Gas and Steam Turbines
Process Pumps
Air and Gas Compressors
Electric Motors
Gears and Gear Driven
Fans and Blowers
Power Generation
Food Processing
Building Services
Machine Tools
Marine Equipment

Mr. Widner's and Mr. Richer's professional experience has been accomplished through academic, hands-on and continual training and upgrading of technical knowledge with major corporations such as these listed below.

Dow Chemical Company
Phillips Chemical
Coastal Refinery, Aruba
Coastal Tankships, U.S.A.
BASF Corporation
Great Lakes Carbon
Cajun Electric
Fuji Electric, Japan
Wanda Petroleum
Destec Power, Houston
American Fructose
TMPA Power
Maxwell House
Champion Refinery
Texas Electric Fuel Co.
Air Products
Computation Systems Inc.
Texaco Pipeline
Phillips Pipeline
Elliot Company
Magma Power, California
International Research & Development

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