Technical Services

To provide all mechanical equipment evaluation and make recommendations for necessary corrective action utilizing personnel and state-of-the-art equipment with an emphasis on safety.

Vibration Analysis
Predictive/Preventive Maintenance
Predictive/Preventive Monitoring
Blade Sequencing
Acceptance Testing
Machinery Start-up and Documentation

        Submit customer reports to meet client specifications.
        Establish and maintain Predictive/Preventive Programs.
        Provide data for the client's mechanical personnel.
        Compliance to all client, state, and federal regulations.

Vibration Analysis
The data obtained during analysis isolates the trouble and eliminates the guess work commonly associated with equipment repair and will help to reduce maintenance cost.

Simple on-site balancing can instantly increase the productivity of a machine by reducing the overall vibration while reassuring the reliability of the machine and minimizing downtime and maintenance cost.

Alignment will reduce undue axial and torsional stresses on mechanical equipment and will increase reliability while decreasing downtime and maintenance cost.

Predictive/Preventive Maintenance and Monitoring
Predictive/Preventive Maintenance is a systematic method of monitoring and trending mechanical equipment conditions on a regular scheduled basis to determine the condition of those parts subject to wear.

Predictive/Preventive Maintenance
All mechanical equipment vibrates. Vibration increases as conditions and/or equipment deteriorates. However, vibration can be accurately measured and interpreted yielding early detection of developing problems. Unexpected breakdowns can be avoided and eliminated by proper maintenance resulting in improved productivity, product quality and extended running time while at the same time reducing costs.

Predictive/Preventive Maintenance can be practiced on all mechanical equipment and in all segments of industry including:

Electric Motors
V-Belt Drives
Fans and Blowers
Machine Tools
Paper Machine
Chemical Process
Power Generation
Waste Water
Gears and Gear Drive
Motor-Generator Sets
Reciprocating Engines
Rolling Mills
Hammer Mills
Food Processing
Building Services

Blade Sequencing
Computer blade sequencing is a method of positioning blades on a rotor t zero balance the additive weight. This will insure the proper placement of blades on rotors t minimize initial unbalance and to reduce shop and field balancing requirements.

Sequencing Capabilities
Compressor Blades, Turbine Blades, FinFan Blades, Cooling Tower Blades, and Coupling Bolts.

Acceptance Testing
Acceptance testing insures that new or repaired mechanical equipment conforms to API/Customer Standards prior to final acceptance of the equipment. This acceptance testing can be performed at the site of manufacture or on location.

Machinery Start-Up and Documentation
Start-up documentation generates initial baseline vibration data on new or repaired mechanical equipment. This data is used for comparison to future analysis and will insure that mechanical equipment is in compliance with company and/or government guidelines for documentation purposes.

Engineering Research and Design
Vibra-Tech offers to clients research and custom design problem-solving capabilities.

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